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Skip/Daniel: Skip was driving you home from your tennis match. Your team won with 2 points. You were proud as heck, but also you were very very tired. Skip were talking and talking, and everything you said was “mhm” over and over again, nearly falling asleep. Hopefully you could quit tennis now, you didn’t even like it.
"Hey, how was the match?"
Damn, did I have a test in math?
"Good" you answer, not even listening that much.
Skip nodded and keep driving. He was happy today, filmed the whole match. Your team mates had their little sisters and little brothers with them. You didn’t even like kids, but unfortunately they loved you and couldn’t stop climbing on you. You were so tired!
"You looked very great" he smiles.
Wait, wasn’t it (Y/F/N)’s birthday tomorrow?
Thanks” you answered tiredly and slowly closed your eyes.
When your eyes were fully closed and you’re about to fell asleep you feel a huge smash on your thigh.
"AHH!" you scream.
"AHH!!" Skip scream.
"What the heck was that fore! I’m so sore and you’re hitting me!"
He points at the parking lot.
"There’s a yellow car there!"
"So what?! What’s your problem!?"
"Whenever you see a yellow car, you’re going to hit the friend next to you and scream "YELLOW CAR"!"
You moan and stroke your sore, bare thigh. There’s marks after Skips fingers.
"Why would you do that!?" you shout and glare at him.
Hi smile happily.
"Because you weren’t paying attention.
You wrinkle your eyebrows and roll your eyes. Skip is a real kid sometimes.

A/N: Sorry for a short one! I was out of ideas!

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